1/1/1862 - Confederate Emissaries to Britain and France are released from Ft. Warren, Mass.
1/1/1863 -Lincoln signs Emancipation Proclamation, AND Battle at Murfreesboro (Stones River)
1/2/1861 - Confederate forces in
S. Carolina seize Ft. Johnson

1863 - Battle at Murfreesboro (Stones River)
1/3/1861 - Confederate forces in Savannah, Georgia, seize Ft. Pulaski
1/3/1863 - Gen. William Rosecrans (US) forces Confederate withdrawal from Murfreesboro
1/4/1861 - Confederate forces in Mt. Vernon, Alabama, seize the Federal Arsenal 1/5/1861 - Confederate forces near Mobile, Alabama, seize Ft. Gaines and Ft. Morgan
1/5/1862 - Thomas J. Jackson captures Bath, orders the shelling of Hancock, Md., and the burning of bridgesto the North and West
1/6/1861 - State forces Apalachicola, Florida, seize the arsenal
1862 - Union forces reinforced, Jackson withdraws from Hancock, Md.
1/7/1861 - State forces Apalachicola, Florida, go on to seize the Old Spanish Fort at St. Augustine, Florida,
Thomas J. Jackson's forces, nearly frozen, reach Unger's Store, AND Union forces defeat the Confederates at Hanging Rock Pass
1/8/1821 - Gen. James Longstreet, CS, born 1/9/1861 - Confederates fire on, and the Star of The West, preventing it from bringing supplies to Fort Sumter, Mississippi secedes, AND N. Carolina forces in Wilmington seize Ft. Johnson 1/10/1861 - Florida secedes by a vote of 62 to 7, AND N. Carolina forces in Wilmington seize Ft. Caswell 1/11/1861 - Alabama secedes
1862 - Lincoln accepts Secretary of War Simon Cameron's resignation, naming him Minister to Russia
1/12/1863 - Confederate President Jefferson Davis announces that, in reaction to the Emancipation Proclamation, he would be forced to turn captured U.S. Officers over to State Authorities, for persecution as criminals engaged in exciting servile insurrection 1/13/1865 - Adm. Porter, US attacks Fort Fisher 1/14/1861 - Ft. Pike, La., is taken over by state troops
1/15/1862 - Edwin M. Stanton confirmed by Senate as U.S. Secretary of War
1865 - Union forces capture Fort Fisher, closing Wilmington, North Carolina, the last major Confederate port
1/16/1815 - Gen. Henry W. Halleck, US, born
1862 - Thomas J. Jackson must call off planned attack on Cumberland, Md. for lack of troops
1/17/1862 - Thomas J. Jackson must call off planned attack on Cumberland, Md. for lack of troops, for second time. 1/18/1862 - Battle at Mill Springs 1/19/1807 - Gen. Robert E. Lee, CS, born
1862 - Battle at Mill Springs (OR Logan's Cross Roads, OR Fishing Creek, OR Somerset, OR Beech Grove)
1861 - Georgia secedes by a vote of 208 to 89, one of those opposed to secession - Alexander H. Stephens, future Vice-President of the Confederacy

1/21/1813 - Gen. John Fremont, US, born

1824 - Gen. Thomas J. Jackson, CS, born

    1/24/1861 -Georgia seizes Federal arsenal at Augusta   1/26/1861 - Louisiana secedes
1863 - Lincoln relieves Maj. Gemn. Ambrose Burnside of duty, Hooker takes command of US forces
  1/28/1825 - Gen. George Pickett, CS, born
1861 - Louisiana troops take Ft. Macomb, near New Orleans, U.S revenue cutter Robert McClelland surrenders to Louisiana State authorities, AND U.S revenue cutter Lewis Cass surrenders in Mobile
    1/31/1861 - The Federal Mint in New Orleans, U.S. revenue schooner Washington are seized by Louisiana authorities
1862 - Edwin M. Stanton issues Orders No. 15 - Prisoners of war shall receive the same payduring imprisonment, as during normal active duty.
1865 - United States submits to the states the Thirteenth Amendment, abolishing slavery


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