2/1/1861 - Texas secedes, by a vote of 166 to 7 1864 - U.S. Congress reinstitutes the rank of Lieutenant General for the military forces, intended to benefit U.S. Grant
1865 - Sherman begins Carolina Campaign
2/2/1803 - Gen. Albert S. Johnston, CS, born 2/3/1807 - Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, CS, born
1864 - Meridian Campaign begins
1865 - Peace Talks begin
2/4 - Special Orders No. 32, issued at Charleston, S.C., direct that "All prisoners of war in this city (except officers and negroes) of the land and naval service of the United States will besent forthwith and turned over to Brig. Gen. Winder at Richmond. All Officers...will be sent for further confinement to Columbia, S.C." 2/5 2/6/1833 - Gen. J.E.B. Stuart, CS, born
1862 - Union forces capture Fort Henry, on the Tennessee River
2/8/1820 - Gen. William T. Sherman, US, born
1862 - Battle of Roanoake Island
2/9/1861 - Jefferson Davis elected President of Confederacy
1862 - Confederate Brig. Gen. Gideon J. Pillow assumes command of Ft. Donelson
1864 - Col. Thomas E. Rose of P.A., leads 109 Fed. Officers in an escape through a tunnel out of Libby Prison in Richmond. Eventually, 48 are recaptured, two drowned, and 59 make it back to Union lines.
1865 - Confederate Brig. Gen. Winder is buried in an unmarked grave because of the proximity of Gen. Sherman's troops. He is later reinterred in Maryland
2/10 2/11 2/12/1809 - Abraham Lincoln born 2/13/1862 - Confederate Brig. Gen. Floyd takes command of Ft. Donelson from Confederate Brig. Gen. Pillow, just prior to:
Battle of Fort Donelson
2/14/1824 - Gen. Winfield S. Hancock, US, born
2/15/1861 - Lincoln speaks in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1864 - Gen. Sherman turns 10,000 of his men loose on Meridian, Miss. - they dismantle EVERYTHING in a five-day spree
2/16/1861 - Lincoln speaks in Cleveland, Ohio 1862 - Fort Donelson, Tennessee captured with 15,000 Confederates - Confederate Brig. Gen. Simon B. Buckner asks Grant for terms of surrender, Grant replies "No terms except unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted. I propose to move immediately upon your works." 2/17/1861Lincoln speaks in Buffalo, N.Y.
1864 - Confederate submarine sinks Union warship off Charleston
1865 - Columbia surrenders to Sherman, and is destroyed by fire in the same night. Sherman marches toward the sea
2/18/1861 - Jefferson Davis inaugurated Provisional President of the Confederate States of America at Montgomery, Alabama, AND Lincoln speaks in Albany, N.Y.
1865 - Fort Sumter is abandoned, Federals seize Charleston.
2/19/1861 - Lincoln speaks in New York, N.Y. 2/20/1864 - Union forces defeated at Olustee, Florida 2/21/1861- Lincoln speaks in Philadelphia, P.A.
2/22/1856 - The Know-nothing party, renamed the American party, nominates former President Millard Fillmore as Presidential candidate 2/23/1861- Lincoln speaks in Baltimore, Md. 2/24/1864 - Braxton Bragg appointed, effectively, chief of staff of the Confederate forces by Jeff. Davis
1865 - Captain John Yates Beall, C.S.N., is hanged for treason, guerilla warfare, and being a spy...his tombstone reads "Died in the Service and Defense of his Country."
2/25/1862 - Confederates abandon Nashville, Tennessee 2/26 2/27 - President Davis suspends the Writ of Habeas Corpus in Norfolk and Portsmouth, Va. Brig. Gen. John H. Winder is appointed Provost-Marshal of Richmond and charged with implementing martial law in Henrico Co., Va. 2/28 - Gen. Judson Kilpatrick leads a force of 3500 Fed. Cavalry south through the weakened defenses of Richmond, and frees Union prisoners held there


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